My Thoughts On Negative Political Ads…

At a friend’s barbecue last night we had the TV on and of course some of the negative political ads came on (because unfortunately for us, Virginia is a swing state…so almost every other ad is something political). Well this provoked a political conversation amongst us, which can sometimes be a scary thing to dive into. But my point basically came down to that I think instead of using each of those 30 second ad slots to talk negatively about the other opponent, I think that the candidates should use those TV spots as an opportunity to educated the “average American” on what their actual platform is…what their philosophies are, what they hope to achieve, how they hope to do it… My reasoning for this is that I don’t think that the “average American” actually takes the time to research political candidates to make educated decisions each November. I think a lot of people, unfortunately, cast their votes based on feelings, which have usually been swayed by all the negative, 5th grade girl antics that political candidates succumb too. Rather wouldn’t it be great to not vote based on someones race or even necessarily their tax returns…but based on what they stand for and how they hope to “fix” whatever needs to be fixed. I feel like with negative ads this is a lost opportunity….

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Proud Appalachian State Alumna! Marketing Communications Specialist at The Away Network (a division of Orbtiz) in Washington DC. Love working out, reading books, & traveling!
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One Response to My Thoughts On Negative Political Ads…

  1. shail vani says:

    Maybe the objective of the advertisement is to put the other candidate down? If one party removes a negative advertisement, the opposition has no option but to reply with another negative advertisement because as you rightly said, emotions are the controlling factor.

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