Donating Hair to Cancer Patients

Ever since I heard about organizations like Locks of Love, I have always wanted to contribute my hair to make wigs for children and women who have lost their own hair due to cancer.  As many probably have, my family has lost loved ones to cancer, so programs like this hit home.  So yesterday I had my hubby measure my hair to make sure it was long enough, then I cut it!  I will be sending off the 9 inches to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Since 2006 this program has donated 24,000 free real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig bank that distributes wigs to cancer patients across the country.  There are many outstanding programs similar to this one, but I chose Beautiful Lengths because they only require at least 8 inches, instead of 12 inches like most other programs.

Before, During, & After:


After having long hair for the last two years the short hair is a little bit of a shock…but as hair always does…it’ll grow back :)  Sending in my hair to Pantene is as easy as putting it in a plastic baggie & mailing it…as the Geico commercial would say, “It’s so easy that a caveman could do it.”  And I am excited to have contributed to a wig for some child or woman out there who will receive a it and maybe feel a little bit like themselves again.

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Proud Appalachian State Alumna! Marketing Communications Specialist at The Away Network (a division of Orbtiz) in Washington DC. Love working out, reading books, & traveling!
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2 Responses to Donating Hair to Cancer Patients

  1. Kacie says:

    so cool! good for you! wish i had known about this- I just cut mine off!

  2. First time I’ve known about this. That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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