Thanksgiving Thanks

I remember in grade school when my teachers would ask us to write down 5-10 things we were thankful for and even though I’m no longer a little squirt getting dropped off at Parkway School by my dad, I still want to reflect back on what this year has blessed me with. And man ‘o man, 2011 must have been my year because I have done lots, seen lots, and been blessed beyond belief.

So here’s my top 7 things I’m thankful for: (yes, it’s a top 7 b/c in the marketing world you gotta be different from the top 5s & the top 10s)

1. Marriage/Jonathan– The biggest change in 2011 was of course that I got married. I married a wonderful man who I am so proud of and can’t wait to see where life takes us. We have had our fair share of first year adjustments, but together and with God we continue to grow, and for this I am extremely thankful.
2. Family– After moving 6 hours away from my parents late last year, the short weekends I get to spend with them are amazing. I look forward to my Skype IM from Mom every morning to tell me that she’s up living the retirement dream =) and I appreciate home more than I ever did. I also gained another family this year and I am very thankful for their love, support, and generosity.
3. Exercise– First, God blessed me with a father who loved to workout and who passed that passion down to me. Second, I am so thankful to be able to tie up my tennis shoes and go run through the streets of D.C. and the National Mall at lunch. Third, I am thankful as well that God gave me the ability to set my eyes on a half marathon and complete it!
4. Work– I have been blessed with a wonderful job, and having seen first hand the volatility of these economic times, I am especially thankful for my position. I have a boss that allows me to grow as a person & as an individual and at this time in life I wouldn’t trade it.
5. Friends– After moving to D.C., Jonathan and I were very lucky to find good quality friends. People that you can be yourselves around and with so much going on in everyone’s lives, having good friends is something to be thankful about. Also, thank you so much to those certain friends that have let me ramble when I needed too :) I certainly needed you.
6. D.C.– I love living near & working in D.C. I love the restaurant options, I love the free museums & concerts, I love being able to walk almost everywhere!, I love the public transportation for everywhere else, I love the cupcakes & the coffeeshops, and so much more. Most of all I love the all the opportunities I have to engage with this city, to learn, to grow, and gather memories that I will look back on for the rest of my life. I love the moments when I’m walking along and I have that moment where I take it all in and it’s perfect. My dad tells me often, and I certainly agree, that I am living the dream.
7. Travel– I do love D.C., but I also love the ability we have to travel places, both near and far.  We’ve been to & done so much, these are the ones I can remember of the top of my head…Middleburg (cute town in VA’s horse country), Alexandria, National Harbor, Williamsburg, Annapolis, Philly, Charlottesville, and we’re going to do a short trip to NYC in December because the BoltBus (conveniently named) cost us $32 a person round-trip =)

So those are my top things I am thankful for this season…I’m sure I’ll look back tomorrow and realize I forgot a few! But everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving and as we head into the Christmas season, remember to show people love…these days are going faster than they used to…so take the opportunities you have to listen, engage, hug, smile…to create a beautiful canvas of life.

About jenmaltba

Proud Appalachian State Alumna! Marketing Communications Specialist at The Away Network (a division of Orbtiz) in Washington DC. Love working out, reading books, & traveling!
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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Thanks

  1. Great post! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. and loved running there! Such a great city with so much to explore! :)

  2. Annette says:

    What a wonderful year you have had! I hope you are equally blessed in 2012! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby.

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